Selling or trading in your car?

Is it time to sell your beloved wheels for something a little more grown-up? Or do you need to make space in the garage? For whatever reason you’re selling, be sure to have the following paperwork on hand. 

Your car up for SALE?

Street Smart Finance will assist you with the complete selling process.  We have consultants that will evaluate your car and give you an offer within minutes.


Have a copy of your ID or driver’s license ready to give to the buyer, and make sure to ask for the buyer’s ID as well – if he has a copy, even better. If not, take a pic of his ID/license/passport with your smartphone.

Proof of ownership certificate

You will only have this if the car is fully paid up. This is usually accompanied by a letter from the bank that states that the car is truly yours. If you find yourself without these documents, contact the relevant financial institution to obtain them.

A settlement letter

This is only needed if you still owe money for the car. The settlement letter will state exactly what the outstanding amount is, so the buyer can see for himself.


Notification of Change of Ownership

Unless you want to be held responsible for the new car-owner’s traffic fines, you need to fill out a Notification of Change of Ownership (NCO) form, available to download online or to be picked up at any traffic department. Both the seller and the buyer need to have their signatures on this form, and the buyer will need his own copy. The Department of Transport is to receive a copy of the NCO form as well, for the transfer to the buyer’s name.

Vehicle Registration Certificate

In order for the new owner to register the car, he will need your original Vehicle Registration Certificate. You should also hang on to a copy of it for the de-registration of the car you are selling, and one more to keep on file, just in case.

Proof of sale

Once the deal is sealed, write a receipt acknowledging the date, the amount paid, the make and model of the car, the car’s registration, VIN number, the names and contact details/addresses of the buyer and seller. Make two copies so you and the buyer both have one. This serves as a proof of sale; for your own protection as well as the buyer’s. It is not a legal requirement, but it’s important, should something fishy arise.

RWC (Roadworthy Certificate)

The buyer will need a current RWC within 21 days of the sale, for registration purposes. If your RWC has expired, you can obtain an updated one for the buyer. Take the car to the testing station along with your ID, vehicle registration and completed Application for Roadworthiness Certification.

Service history and receipts

This is extremely valuable. Some people won’t buy used cars without the full-service history. Hand over all receipts as well as any documentation relating to the car’s warranty, if it still has one.

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